Custom-made crystal designs for architectural projects

The Paris-based Lalique Interior Design Studio offers to architects and designers an exclusive range of high-end interior designs using crystal glass and space in creative combination. First-rate crystal glassmaking expertise, creative dynamism and technical flair all come together at the Lalique Interior Design Studio. The result is a rethink of what luxury really means. Conceived to embrace and enhance all interiors and spaces, each design places crystal at the heart of the layout and location, true to the creative approach of René Lalique.

All pieces are made at Lalique’s Wingen- sur-Moder glassworks by a dedicated studio. This centre of expertise is adept at shaping crystal as specified by the Lalique Interior Design Studio.

The most advanced designs and innovative creations are made to order for the interior design of private residences, restaurants, luxury hotels, yachts and many other settings.

Lalique Interior Design Studio

Through the Interior Design Studio, Lalique offers an exclusive and personal service to an expanding international clientele. Each project is defined by high quality materials and finishings for the mountings and integrated lightings. Meant to highlight any space, all Interior Design Studio projects are highly creative.