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In 2012, the Sacred Fire Odyssey collection signed the historic renaissance of Lalique jewellery and fine jewellery, providing an opportunity for the House to revisit the original sources of its founder René Lalique (1860-1945).

Astride the breath of the Fire element and the Phoenix symbol, this collection tells us the myth of Vesta, goddess and guardian of the sacred fire that protects the home. The Phoenix-woman is a winged divinity that is able to be born again from its ashes. This mythological figure is the icon of the winged creatures depicted in René Lalique’s fine jewellery works.

The majestic, Fine Jewellery Vesta necklace is a perfect demonstration of the House’s craftsmanship and its emblematic jeweller features: a piece that adapts to four different wearing styles, including necklace, brooch or pendant, and the famous mixed-materials technique introduced by René Lalique, in which the precious and non-precious combinations serve the beauty of the motif – a fusion of gold, sapphire, diamond, fire opal, moonstone, engraved mother-of-pearl, cloisonné enamel and crystal.

The Vesta Fine Jewellery set is composed of four pieces: a transformable necklace, a ring, earrings and a bracelet.



To celebrate this historic renaissance, Lalique also presented a collection of hair ornaments in 2012 entitled 1888. The name was chosen in homage to the year that marked the beginning of the influence of Asian Arts in René Lalique’s work and that would result in a collection of archive sketches and hair ornaments designed by the Master Jeweller.

This collection of 8 Fine Jewellery hair combs illustrates the different themes of the Sacred Fire Odyssey collection: Libellule, Paon, Phœnix, Coquelicot and Ardente. Each design is crafted into a single, unique jewel, and each is a genuine collection piece.

1888 is also the date in the House’s history when the maker’s mark “RL” was registered, with its now famous sword signature. This stamp enabled René Lalique to sign his jewellery designs in his own name and emancipate himself from the Grandes Maisons he had previously worked for and to liberate himself from the jewellery codes of the times and fully develop his unexpected interpretations. That was how his unique, distinctive style would mark the history of jewellery from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries and make Lalique the unchallenged master of Art Nouveau Jewellery.



Following the launch of the Âmes Sœurs collection in 2013, inspired from the Air element and the myth of Eros and Psyche, Lalique Joaillerie presented the Sun of Gaïa collection in 2014. This collection takes its inspiration from the core of the Earth element and the myth of Gaia, Goddess of the Earth and the Seasons.

In Greek mythology, Gaia represents Mother Earth, at the origins of the creation of the world and the four elements. She is the goddess who turns chaos into daylight, starry nights, the mountains and the sea. Her aura and radiance are represented by the beetle and the sun, sacred protective symbols of the origins of life.

The Gaïa Fine Jewellery set is inspired from a sketch from the René Lalique archives that portrays this myth as a beetle with spread wings. It is composed of a necklace that can be worn five different ways, a ring and earrings. This collection in yellow gold features a triplet opal as its central stone to perfect the representation of the beetle’s shimmering, iridescent reflections, while the motif includes a paving of white diamonds and black spinel entwining engraved mother-of-pearl to symbolize the beetle’s vibrancy.


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